How Do We Get Scripted?

From Restoration Living:

How have we been ‘scripted’ (through upbringing, culture, etc.) to see our faith as a portion of our lives rather than holistically? 

Frank Viola: It seems to me that as Christians (=followers of Jesus Christ), most of our scripting comes from the particular tribe of Christianity to which we belong or grow up in, the teachers we listen to, and the fellow believers we hang out with.

These all play a major role in how we view and approach the Bible, how we view the Lord, and what sort of religious habits we acquire.

In Revise Us Again, I deal with ten areas of the Christian life that are rarely addressed today. They are areas that I’ve faced in my own struggle to follow Jesus. The book is really a conversation. Some of the questions the book raises and explores are:

*How do you handle the times when God doesn’t meet your expectations and seems to neglect fulfilling His own promises?

*How do you cope with not feeling or sensing God’s presence (even at times when others do), and what does that mean exactly? And what does it not mean?

*What is the experience of “the dark night” in the Christian’s life and why does it happen? (This is greater than a dry spell. It’s when God seems to completely walk off the stage of your life.)

*How do you deal with people who are always saying “The Lord told me”? Or “Let me pray about it” – which for them is Christian code language for “no”?

*Why is it that so many Christians argue over their views of God and the Bible, when in reality they agree more than they assume. They are just using different styles of communication to describe the same things? (Some of the recent discussions over hell is largely – though not completely – due to differing conversational styles.)

*Why do so many mentors turn on the people they are mentoring, and how does one deal with that? And if you are or will one day mentor others, how can you avoid falling into this trap?

*What is a legalist? What is a libertine? And what’s the difference between legalism and submitting to Jesus’ Lordship? What’s the difference between license and liberty in the Christian walk?

*What do the resurrection appearances of Jesus showing up and then vanishing teach us about how the Lord interacts with us today?

*What does it mean to be captured by the same spirit you oppose, and how can we avoid it?

*How should we evaluate the Charismatic movement and its strong emphasis on spiritual gifts, power, and miracles? What things can we take away from the movement that’s helpful and separate them from what’s not so helpful?

*How can two groups that don’t believe the same about spiritual gifts come together and meet as one local church? What must happen for this impossible venture to take place?

*Where did “What Would Jesus Do?” come from, is it biblical, and does it work in real life?


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