The Original Pre-Fall Purpose

From Restoration Living:

I love the idea of recapturing our original, pre-fall, created purpose (pg. 63). What do you believe this is? How should it shape our day-to-day lives?

Frank Viola: Well, it’s not something I can explain easily. I’ve written a 300-page book entitled From Eternity to Here which unveils the eternal purpose of God from Genesis to Revelation and makes it practical.

I’ll simply say that Genesis 1 and 2 and Revelation 21 and 22 are unique to all the Bible. They are the only chapters in Scripture that are untouched by sin. Genesis 1 and 2 are pre-Fall; Revelation 21 and 22 are post-Fall.

If you count the items in Genesis 1 and 2, you will find around 30 of them. Interestingly enough, all 30 reemerge in Revelation 21 and 22.

Your Bible is the unfolding drama of those 30 themes. And they have everything to do with what Paul calls “the eternal purpose” in Ephesians 3.

Your readers can get a taste of what I’ve written and spoken on the eternal purpose on my blog. I’ll simply say that God’s purpose goes far beyond saving lost souls and making the world a better place. People come to this conclusion because they begin the story in Genesis 3 with the Fall, which is very common. But the story begins in Genesis 1.


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