Considerations on Church Renewal

Steps to renew your church

      * Take a Spiritual Check-Up. Have a meeting where the entire groups reads Part 3 of Finding Organic Church together and discusses whether or not your church has one of the four diseases described. For each disease, ask yourselves before the Lord, “Have we been touched by this virus?” If so, examine your ecclesiological medicine cabinet and come up with a plan for treatment. Practice preventative medicine and immunize yourselves from catching any of the other sicknesses listed.

      * Have You Been Captured by the Same Spirit You’ve Opposed? Have a meeting where the entire groups read this chapter from Revise Us Again together and discusses whether or not you’ve been captured by this spirit. If so, expose it to one another and bring it before the Lord’s light.

      * What is Your Sustaining Force? Here’s an important question that every church should grapple with. What is the glue that holds your church together? What is the cohesive and sustaining force of the group?

      For most churches, one of the following factors constitutes the cohesive glue that holds the church together:    

      * The personality and magnetism of the minister.

      * Kinfolk ties (many are held together by blood or marriage).

      * A common enemy.

      * A set of special doctrines.

      * A certain form of praise and worship. See Assimilating New Members by Lyle E. Schaller (Nashville: Abingdon), 1978.    

      Question: If you removed everything from your group except Jesus Christ, what would be left? If you took away Bible study, worship and praise, the gifts of the Spirit, signs and wonders, would your group collapse? If the person who planted your church left for six months to a year with no contact with you, would your group disintegrate?

by Frank Viola, author