The Resurrection and the Life

Ever since I can remember, I’ve known a God who seems to have the disturbing habit of leaving the scene when I most needed Him. When things got rough, He would often disappear.

At least that’s how it seemed.

The Lord will not always rescue you when you want Him to. And He certainly will not act according to your timetable every time.

Sometimes He will let you die. In fact, He may wait until you’re quadruply dead and stinking in your tomb before He does anything.

So when things become black in your life, and there seems to be no way out, your situation has the fingerprints of Jesus Christ all over it.

Death is invincible. It’s also hopeless. But four days after death is beyond hopeless.

Lazarus’ death was beyond human ability and aid. Only the living God could do anything about it.

There was a Jewish belief that the human soul remains near the grave of the deceased for three days, hoping to be able to return to the body. On the fourth day, however, the soul leaves the body permanently.

If the first-century Jews believed this, then the only hope of Lazarus’ recovery was an act of God’s power.

Mark it down: Jesus Christ will sometimes wait until you are long dead. But then … when you least expect it … He will come leaping over the hills in some strange and unforeseen way to do what you never dreamed.

Yes, God will allow you to get into situations that are beyond human aid. And at such times, His grace will not be sufficient. All evidence points to this at least. Why? So that He might display the glory of His resurrection life.

Resurrection is God’s act alone. And that’s why it always brings glory to Him.

So there was a crisis in Bethany. There was sorrow and suffering, even death. But there was also a resurrection. And the Lord cannot dispense the latter until we are willing to embrace the former. This is written in the very bloodstream of God.

The power of His resurrection always follows the fellowship of His sufferings.

Never forget: Jesus Christ is Resurrection, and He is Life. And if you outwait Him, He’ll eventually roll the stone away and raise you from the dead.

While death is mighty, Jesus is Almighty. And His shocking and surprising presence will often make its appearance when you least expect it.

by Frank Viola, author