Mystery & Majesty

The little village of Bethany is the place where mystery and majesty collide. It is the place where human power and hope come to their painful end.

It is the place where the immortal utterance of Jesus, “I am the Resurrection and the Life,” is encountered in living color.

Our friend Lazarus is sleeping, and I’m going to Bethany to wake him.

It is the place where we discover that death doesn’t have the last word. Jesus Christ does.

It is the place where God’s people are made free from all forms of bondage.

It is the place where we encounter a God who doesn’t meet our expectations but is touched with our sorrows and agonies.

It is the place where we are unoffended by a Lord who allows things to happen that we do not understand.

It is the place where God starts all over again with a new creation—a new life that’s free from the bondage of death.

It is where we meet a persistent God who is determined to exalt His Son.

In all of these ways, the Lord desires for us to be a Bethany for His pleasure.