Shocking Beliefs

Frank Viola, author, continues his series on his Patheos blog – – featuring articles on the shocking beliefs of John Wesley, C.S. Lewis, Jonathan Edwards, etc. Future articles are planned for John Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, Moody, and others.

Tis That Look

‘Tis the look that melted Peter, ‘Tis the face that Stephen saw, ‘Tis the heart that wept with Mary, Can alone from idols draw. In Revise Us Again, I made the statement that as high as God is going to elevate you is as deep as He digs to lay the foundation. Sometimes the brightest… Continue reading Tis That Look

Lazarus Dies

I could not sleep most of the night. Tossing miserably, my mind refused to shut down. Neither would the pain vibrating throughout my body. If I died, what will happen to my sisters … and my father? With the silversmith shop closed, who will provide for them? These were the worries that tormented my mind.… Continue reading Lazarus Dies